Center for Institutional Reforms




Main directions of work

Supervisory board


The Center for Institutional Reforms (CIR) provides international expertise in project implementation, research, and advisory services on a variety of institutional reforms. The Center provides services world wide, with particular emphasis on countries in transition. 

The Center's objective is the reform and strengthening of institutions towards democracy, and improving the efficiency of economies based on an optimal mix of market mechanisms and government regulation. The Center works to develop and promote reforms in both formal and informal institutions of society, particularly in transition countries. 

The Center for Institutional Reforms is a non-governmental, non-profit organization registered in the Russian Federation, founded in 2004. 



Zulkarnay Ildar, Dr.Sc. (habilitation degree), PhD

Languages: Russian: fair; Bashkir, Tatar, English: good

Director on Project Management

Zakirova Venera, PhD (CV)

Languages: Russian: fair; Bashkir, Tatar, English: good


Main directions of work:

1. Research and development: formal and informal institutions of democracy and local self-government, economic federalism, budgeting and provision of public services, administrative reforms;

2. Strengthen governance in regional and local level government, public institutions, and public services;

3. Organize and conduct trainings, workshops for municipal officials and NGOs to introduce progressive social institutions and strengthen those which exist;

4. Develop and strengthen mechanisms to include civil society voice in decision-making in local level institutions;

5. Develop programs, bills, and draft administrative decisions for regional and local level institutions.